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Stop Advertising Guinea Pigs as Holiday Gifts

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Guinea pigs make wonderful companions and pets. Children especially love them. They can be very personable, cute and fun to be around. However, guinea pigs are being surrendered to shelters and rescues across the country. 

Any pet is a big responsibility. Guinea pigs require special care unlike other pets. They need a very large cage, a diet high in vitamin C and fresh foods, unlimited hay and of course regular cleaning. This major responsibility cannot fall solely on the shoulders of a young child. Instead, guinea pigs are the responsibility of an entire family!

Furthermore, these unique creatures need constant companionship from other GPs to prevent depression. After all, these critters are herd animals and buying just one as a gift is surely going to end in a very unhappy pig and child.

Instead of encouraging families to purchase a guinea pig as a gift for the child in their family, encourage them to adopt a GP that is in need of a home! Adopting provides a much needed home and love to a GP that was abandoned and unwanted. By offering a forever home, a family can save the lives of the pet species of their choice and make a real difference in their communities!

Rescues and sanctuaries receive the unwanted guinea pigs that are not adopted, unadoptable or abandoned. Prevent this by telling families that adoption is an option, too!

To help provide a successful adoption, Petco can advertise their large selection of supplies for new guinea pig owners! This means that Petco will not lose out on holiday gift purchases, and in fact can better create a lasting relationship with customers who keep coming back to buy hay, food, toys and litter for their newly adopted rescue piggies.

Petco, please remove advertising of purchasing a guinea pig as a gift. Encourage adoption instead!  This way, everyone wins!


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