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Provide Better Holding Tanks for Powder Blue Tangs or Stop Selling Them

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See this fish? Isn't it beautiful? It makes sense that people want to try to hold one in their saltwater aquariums. The problem? Most aquariums can't house them. These fish are collected to be sold, and many of them will die in their store's holding tanks, before they even make it to a home aquarium. This is because of changeable circumstances.

One of the primary requirements for this fish to survive in captivity is that it needs space to swim. It needs a permanent home of at least 125 gallons. Thus, it's disturbing to see them unnecessarily stressed when in tanks of 10-20 gallons, waiting in a Petco store, waiting to be sold. The majority of these fish will succumb to the stress from a lack of swimming room, and a lack of nutrition offered in such small holding tanks.

Late last year, I sent Petco an email asking them to reconsider selling such a fish if they couldn't properly house and hold them. A PR person did contact me and asked for the manager name and location, which I refused to give because it's a company wide issue. I have seen this in multiple stores in multiple cities and states over the years. I think that aquarium reef keeping has progressed to a point where we can be expected to provide adequate systems for the animals that we are selling and buying. This representative made no promises, and simply said that they take the care of their animals very seriously. However, made no effort to change this.

It is fair to point out that for as large of a company as Petco is, they have made efforts to improve their saltwater fish collecting by offering more tank-bred fish. However, Powder Blues have not been bred in captivity. They are not an easy fish to take care of, but deserve a good effort in keeping them for those who try.

Our ocean is delicate, and if we are going to house wild animals, we should expect the sellers of them to take proper care of their animals. Although fish are not expressive, they are important to us, and deserve our respect. Even if you're not a reef keeper, I ask that you consider asking Petco to introduce larger, more sufficient holding tanks for these fish, or stop selling them altogether.

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