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Petitioning Petco, Pet Smart and every single pet store who sell Beta fish. and 1 other

Please let Beta fish have more space to swim around in.

I am only 11 years old and I want to help poor Beta fish. I feel that every living being should have a giant space to roam free in. So please sign my petition because I feel that Beta fish need more room than a plastic cup barely bigger than themselves to live in before someone adopts them. It is so sad to go in a pet store and see fish living in such a small amount of space!! I love Beta fish because they are beautiful creatures. I have a Beta fish of my own named Bob, and he lives in a huge round tank that he is very content in. Please stop pet stores making poor fish suffer! Thank you and if you want to help even more, please sign my petition to stop the pet food company Iams from keeping their animals that they are testing on in small cages. Thank you very much!
Sophie :)

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  • Petco, Pet Smart and every single pet store who sell Beta fish.
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