The practice of horse drawn Amish buggies. It needs to end NOW!

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I am know expert, nor do I have statistical proof of the violence displayed by a Christian community. I have no research for you to cite, I have only the gut wrenching feelings and occasional photos I capture of abused horses. I too do not stake any claim as a blameless Christan, however,  I have driven the country roads in Lancaster, Pennsylvania most of my life. As a child I had a false sense of excitement, watching these families stroll down the road. One thing that even as I child, I quickly became aware of was the abuse/neglect the horses would suffer. Weather it was the dead of winter, with freezing ice balls, and, negative 4 degree weather, or the middle of summer, listening to the clomping, and heavy step, of an over exhausted horse, frothing at the mouth while being whipped. 

I typically just go around them, and complain to my husband in our car, about how the Amish are aloud to practice their religion, even if it negatively affects another being. How is it 2019 and this is still going on? It's not just going on, but the Amish population, according to local news stations, is only growing. Not to mention all the sexual abuse, and other animal abuse people and animals endure at the hands of their  owners due to their "religious beliefs". 

Since when did we stop to consider the long term damage, their religion will have on our communities? How much of the black market is actually run through the Amish because "who would've thought right?" 

Any other religious group would be ostracized. Not the Amish man .... They keep this Commonwealth State stable right? I mean all the money laundering and lies aside abuse is abuse. Period. If it's not okay for one group then why should it be considered acceptable for any group? 

So today, as I passed the horse; in which I could count each and every rib perfectly, without even second guessing myself, and as I could visabley see the horse on the verge of collapsing, with its mouth so foamy and, with white bubbles of dirt and sweat clinging to it's soaked skin, I decided I can't watch this anymore. I searched for activist groups taking a stand against the Amish and their cruel and unusual treatment, I found NOTHING... Nobody cares, or at least not enough to take a stand for the voiceless. So here it is. My attempt to do more then just complain and feel sorry for the poor animals. This is my attempt to do what's right.

Please join me and put a stop to the practice of such a ridiculously cruel religion that is practiced by thousands in America daily. Sign and help me take a stand for the horses!