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PETA: Stop promoting sexual violence to raise awareness about becoming vegan


How does PETA inform you about become vegan safely? By showing a girl walking in pain because her newly vegan boyfriend “knocked the bottom out of her”. This commercial is horrible and doesn’t even mention how one can become vegan safely. PETA continues to sexualize people in order to make them aware of their cause and it needs to stop.

Letter to
Senior Vice President of Media Campaigns, PETA Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President of Communications, PETA Lisa Lange
I am writing to you about your BWVAKTBOOM commercial where you supposedly inform people on how to go vegan safely. I do not like this commercial because it sexualizes people in order to raise awareness for your cause. You will no longer have my support until you start informing people of your cause in a different way other than sexualizing women.
This commercial is very problematic for women because it shows women as masochistic individuals who like getting the bottom knocked out of them even if they are in tremendous amounts of pain afterwards. You need to come up with different marketing tactics to raise awareness about your cause.
I was formerly a loyal supporter, but I no longer support PETA. In order to win back my support PETA needs to . I am telling other avid supporters and all of my friends and acquaintances about my thoughts and encouraging them to take the same action.