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PETA: Stop Exploiting the Autistic Community

Once again, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched their ad campaign entitled, "Got Autism?", misleadingly implying that the consumption of milk is associated with the cause of autism spectrum conditions.

In October 2008 the combined efforts of people on the autism spectrum, parents, professionals and other concerned individuals was successful in getting PETA to remove the highly offensive billboard from a site in New Jersey. 982 individuals signed the petition put out by the Autistic Self Advocacy  Network (ASAN) at that time. (

We are once again urging people to sign on to this new petition, which will be sent to PETA and to major sponsors, since it seems apparent that PETA did not understand the message the first time.

PETA's contact is Kristina Addington, phone 757-622-7382.

VISA, Inc. contact link is:

PETA's press release:

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