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Save the Bowie Zebra from auction! His time runs out Dec 3, 2017

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A zebra is being sold at a horse auction in Bowie TX, on Sunday Dec 3rd, 2017. (Bidders must register by Dec 1st, so we have less than TWO DAYS for this petition!)

While it is cruel to treat any animal as an object to be bought and sold with no regard for their welfare, very often people only recognize exploitation and abuse of "exotic" animals. Additionally, animal abusers often look for unique animals to exploit. As a result, this zebra is in particular danger of mistreatment but also has high potential for visibility to animal rescue organizations which could hopefully get him placed with an exotic animal sanctuary where he could live out his life free of abuse and breeding.

Comments on his listing post on facebook range from uneducated "I want this for my Christmas present" or "This would be a great conversation piece in the front yard" to comments about using him in a petting zoo, for breeding, and even talk about killing him to mount his head as a "trophy!"

Zebras do not do well in "domesticated" situations, and are known for their attitudes and biting (meant to be running free, you'd probably be cranky in captivity too!). He would not do well in a petting zoo nor would he give rides willingly unless he has been, or is in the future, "broken" and abused into submission.

Please sign this petition for PETA, John Oliver (HBO Last Week Tonight, did a segment on "Bolivian Traffic Zebras" earlier this year), or any animal rescue willing to step up, can register to bid and to rescue this zebra and find him an appropriate home with a reputable animal sanctuary where he will be safe!

John Oliver (if he ever sees this petition, which would be fantastic!) is in a position to address a number of world news matters related to the issue of rescuing this zebra and protecting animal lives everywhere! (Matters of trophy hunting, ban on fox hunting, the move to include animal sentience language in the Brexit/EU negotiations, etc) And the starting point? The same beloved animal (zebra) that he featured in his wildly popular "Bolivian traffic zebras" segment earlier in 2017.

(NOTE: Regardless of your opinion on PETA, which some reject because they believe PETA euthanizes high numbers of animals particularly bully breeds, please recognize that there is not time to search out, research, and vet other strong organizations that can take action quickly. PETA does not have a bad track record with exotic animals, and has recently been involved in the movement that successfully freed the elephant Nosey. PETA is equipped to handle rescue and rehoming of this zebra, so please put your prejudices aside to sign this petition and help get him rescued!)



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