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PETA  has killed well over 27,000 animals in the U.S. They euthanized thousands of dogs in the back of a van and dumped their bodies in a grocery store dumpster for weeks.They picked up the animals on the pretense of finding them homes,then euthanized/murdered them.How many times do they have to be in court before something is done? Hard to believe they're still in existence,yet they're  causing rescues to be closed down. Their name alone is a scam. They were supposed to be re classified as a "Euthanasia Clinic", weren't they?." What happened with that? Please join me in trying to prevent innocent pets from being murdered. Very recently,PETA sent a spy to Floridas 'Caboodle Ranch', who posed as a volunteer just to do them harm and close them down.You can read their story and regular updates about Caboodle Ranch,on 'Live'. Apparently,Peta doesn't want other rescues to succeed,or to get donations.They filmed a crippled cat that someone had given them,and a few sick cats that were separate, in an infirmary,and being treated by a Vet.They filmed dirty old buildings that were about to be hauled away, claiming that cats were living in them,which was not true.They made sure that they got National publicity to make it's owner Craig Grant look bad,when he's done nothing but good by taking in strays,for many years.He required all cats to be spayed,or neutered and up to date on vaccines before he accepted them.His property and buildings were demolished,and even his own companion cat was taken away. He was devastated,and for what? The cats were perfectly content and very well cared for.The Caboodle Ranch was always open for visitors and anyone could stop by to see the Ranch,and visit the cats.Please be sure and visit their website to see what Peta & the A.S.P.C.A. destroyed..Are they really going to re-home 700 cats?! -Why,and how do you think that Craig ended up with them?! These cats were allowed a huge area to live and play in,were very well fed,had plenty of company and a peaceful environment.Now they've been terrified by the A.S.P.C.A ,hauled away,and are trapped in tiny little cages..or dead-if they've tired of taking care of them. What a horrible injustice,and HOW  DID THIS BENEFIT THE CATS???!!!? THANKS-PETA!!!!! NOW MR.GRANT IS FACED WITH LEGAL FEES,JUST TO DEFEND HIMSELF.

-Please sign this petition,and pass it far & wide. A great injustice was served-and Peta-INGRID NEWKIRK needs to be STOPPED. She is trying to close down all rescues-so beware,and guard your pets.PLEASE SIGN-in hope that this will help not only Caboodle Ranch,but all of us who actually care about the ethical treatment of animals. Apparently she doesn't know the definition.

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