Why was the Leopard killed?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQig0J-2jMM (watch this nerve wrecking video) Imagine if it was your child!

These men killed the leopard brutally. Why, because they are fearful. Why, because they are not trained to handle these wild animals.....The police didn't stop them and participated in that inhuman violence.

I request you all to act like humans else this species of so called humans shall be destroyed soon.

North East India is the land of myriad wildlife. If we cant take care of it then we don't belong here as well. I request all the organizations to create wildlife awareness in north east, provide proper training and educate the masses which includes police to follow proper procedures while handling a wild creatures be it a leopard, a rhino or any of species around.  We a lost several dozens of rhinos already, leopards are rarely seen beautiful creatures........why kill any of these. They don't intend to harm any of us.

I beg you all, Create a healthy balance between the human population and the existing wild life....