Plight of stray animals

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May we have the audacity to ask what is PETA doing? What is it doing to help the animals that they claim to help? I mean, we see a thousand street dogs everyday looking for food, starving to death or may be dying under a bus or a car or by people beating them to it. What is happening for them? We see so many cows roaming the streets because their selfish owners threw them out of the house because they can't give them milk anymore. These supposedly 'holy' cows (the 'mother' cows) are loitering the streets looking for food and beaten by people for venturing into their space. What are you people doing for them?
You guys are only doing something at the top level like the animals in the laboratories but we don't see anything happening at the grassroot. We don't see anything happening for these poor animals who are left to die. So many of these dogs are disabled because their leg came under a speeding car. In the winters, they are lying out in the cold trying to find heat in the tiniest place possible and in the summers, these are the poor souls who are burning in the scorching heat. I want to know what is happening for them.

I don't know how to help these poor animals that is why I am asking for PETA's help and the help of our society. These animals need to be taken care of. They need animal care homes where they can spend their lives peacefully away from the horrors of the street and people. 

Personal story

I was a member of PETA but not anymore because (I am sorry to say) I don't see anything happening. I don't see any change in their plight. I see them everyday being abused by people. I help in any way I can but I am one person. You guys are a full-blown organization and you can do more. 

Every so often I used to get your newsletter showing gruesome pictures of animal torture and I made a donation hoping it would be enough. Every so often there would be a success story in it and I am happy for that but my eyes see these strays everyday pining for food or just even warmth in these cold winter days and I can't help but wonder, is something really happening for them? Does PETA know they exist? Does it know how cruel and selfish people can be with them? How they may run over a puppy without a second thought? How small children throw stones at them and their parents turn a blind eye? 

I am a doctor working at Government Medical College, Amritsar. I treat people riddled with so many different diseases everyday. People can talk to me and tell me what's bothering them and what they want but these street animals can't do that, so I have to think on my own what do they want. From what I can gather, they want what everyone of us wants: the 3 basic things, food, shelter and clothing and may be a little love and understanding. I want your help in providing for them because one person can initiate a change but it takes many more to carry it to its conclusion. So, I request everyone of you to sign this petition so that we can change their pathetic condition.