No voiceless sleeps empty stomach. If not beds and houses, we try not to keep them hungry.

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Everyone goes through pain and suffering in one or another way but they have voice to raise and tell their stories but the voiceless souls are the one who suffer and cannot even share or tell or call for help. We need help and support for them. As a team and as a group we "Dont Shop Just Adopt' have been trying our best to provide food and shelter and necessary medical treatment to the strays in different areas, till now we have got pups adopted, rescued many dogs and animals in need and who are in despair, tried our best to get the required medical treatment to the accidental cases, cruelty cases, disabandoned cases and the ones suffering from severe illness and diseases. Sterlisation drives have been conducted and temporary shelters have been made as well. In all of this we have got support from many people who saw them suffering as cases were reported by them only but still the society needs to learn to feel their pain as everyday we come across many cruelty cases, accidental cases and despite of being already occupied we can never ever leave a case unattended. We as a team are looking forward to expand this mission so we can educate people about animals and their sufferings, strengthen the bond between humans and animals as it's getting weaker and weaker with time. There have been some rescues that have made us cry so hard that our souls could not sleep for days, as the cases have been so so disheartening and in all of them animsla have shown that rhey can bear thoutabd times more than aahuman can think of. In most of thw cases dogs have not eaten for days and kept sitting in one place until became more like a skeleton, mother dogs have eaten their own new born babies due to hunger as they have not been provided with food or water, cats with burnt marks, acid attacks, cows with maggots in one leg and with no food and water became like a skeleton. Accidental cases where blood loss is huge still they keep calm by keeping their eyes closed and gulping the pain inside. Once we reach at the location they handover themselves to us as if hey have been waiting for someone to rescue them for days. We have seen suffering to the level a human heart can not even bear.

Shelters are there but they too have capacity to keep maximum number of animals with them, that's why we have come up with on street care and food and facilities for the voiceless. Which will help the animals get necessary care without waiting to get a place in shelter. We keep a track of every being we treat or feed everyday. Necessary medications and treatment is provided to them.

Every single day we struggle for arranging the food for our street kids, to get them medical facilities, to save them from cruelty happening with them. We struggle for support as we sometimes need to go against the society to get justice for them. We need help and support of you all dear friends in:

  • Getting food for more dogs, cows, cats, birds and other animals whoever is in need. We are planning to increase the area of feeding from 15km that is now to 25-30kms per day.
  • Getting medical facilities in our hand so we are not dependent on anyone for their on location treatment.
  • Keeping up with our adoptions and rescues and to increase it so more and more animals get loving home and come out of misery. 
  • Giving them necessary facilities as per the weather like in winters coats and t-shirts and other clothes are provided. In summers we try to get shade for as many as we can but if we fail to do so we keep installing pots in the areas which keeps them hydrated.

For all this we need help and support of you all and for this we are asking for the maximum help we can get in terms of funding. 

With this we will be able to provide facilities and food to more animals. Looking forward for your help.