Ban on use of horses/donkeys/mules as rides to pilgrimages in India.

Ban on use of horses/donkeys/mules as rides to pilgrimages in India.

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Animal welfare board of India (Government)

Why this petition matters

Started by harsha singh

"The horse was forced to stand on his legs moments after it fell down. Its legs were shaking as it did. It was being forced by its owner to carry a man up the hill. The owner took no notice of a fractured ankle of the horse. When asked by me about the health clearance certificate of the animal the owner fled with the saddle leaving his horse again crashing to the ground in pain. People kept walking by........", I cried as I read somewhere. The man who shared this was on his way to Vaishno Devi Temple in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. But such incidents happen everywhere in India during the holy Yatras.

This petition is a tribute to all the animals who have died or are dying carrying people up and down the holy mountains of India.

It puts humanity to shame when pilgrims pass by injured, and in worse cases, dying horses/mules, that are used as mere mediums for carrying them up and down the hills, unnoticed.

Most of these animals are employed illegally by their owners.

There is a policy in India called 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act' which is being violated openly everywhere, all the time.

The protectors of the law often become aides in the abusive use of animals in India.

There is no check on the health of the animal before taking it on a 10-20 km ride uphill/downhill with loads ranging from 40 to 120 kg on their backs.

The owners overexploit the animals which can often be seen limping with injuries to their ankles and knees.

Wounds due to friction from the belts around the buttocks of these animals can't go unnoticed since they are often bleeding red.

Ask yourself, is it OK to arrive at a temple having given such pain to an animal?

It's your wish to go to meet your high dwelling deity, why should an animal be troubled immensely for that?

Ask yourself, is it not a sin to ride to a holy place on the back of a sick and injured animal? 

Stop the cruel treatment of animals and ask for other means of transportation.

When you say no to atrocious use of animals new alternatives will be created.

Next time when you are going on a pilgrimage ask yourself, would you risk the life of an innocent animal to visit your holy place?

If your conscience tells you it's wrong (I am sure it does) rise up for these innocent and harmless beings who can't speak up for themselves.

Let's come together as a loud voice in support of providing a better life to these fellow earthlings who have been tortured for our comfort for centuries.

Through this petition, we ask the Government of India to look into this matter seriously and put a complete ban on the use of animals as means of carrying people to holy places. This is the only possible way for the redemption of these creatures.

342,671 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000!