Feeding an unwell puppy to a snapping turtle is apparently a humane and the right to do

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Preston Junior High School science teacher Robert Crosland, fed a puppy to a snapping turtle in front of a bunch of students. Some people who spoke in favour of this demented teacher said that it was a “humane” and “the right thing to do” as the puppy was ill. Anything would be more humane than making a poor pup die an Agonizing death being eaten alive. The puppy should have been taken to a vet and IF there was no way it could survive, then the vet could put him to sleep. This awful man and his lunatic behaviour deserve a much stronger punishment. 6 months In jail is no justice to the cruel death the feeble puppy suffered. The worst part is the children who witnessed this deranged act believe there was nothing wrong with it. This only shows how brutal and callous we’re teaching our children to be. It was claimed that the puppy was “euthanised”by the teacher which, keeping all the facts stated above in mind, is not true at all. This act of cruelty demands the teacher to be penalised for his wrongdoings.