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Feed Him or Free Him! Help Save This Defenseless Under-Weight Tiger

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My name is Abbigale Guidry and I am an 18 year old oncoming freshman at University of Louisiana in Lafayette. When taking the interstate to our school, there is a truck station called Tiger Truck Shop and that is where a poor under weight tiger named Tony lives. If you would like to go to their website their link is www.tigertruckstop.com On the website they are already asking people to sign a petition against the so called "activist busybodies" so that the time when Tony the tiger dies they can easily get a new one to replace him. It is as if they could care less about the tiger that they already have and care more about keeping the name of their gas station alive by always having a tiger. The tiger there should be more filled and at the healthy weight of a full grown tiger of 400 to 420 pounds. Tony on the other hand would have estimated to weighed in at about 280-300 pounds and you can tell by his hip bones sticking out. Also, might I add, the environment he is stationed at is right next to a noisy, congested interstate. A tiger should not have to live in such a bad environment such as he is in now. I hope that if you were to have the time, to help this defenseless and weak tiger. My mother once told me when I was little to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and nothing made my heart burn more passionately to help this animal then when I saw this powerless tiger barely able to stand to drink out of his water bowl. I want to change this tigers poor life because no animal should be caged on the side of an interstate in this type of state.
I hope you have a blessed day.
-Abbigale Guidry

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