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Stop the sale of baby rabbits that orginate from breeders (bunny mills) at PetSupermarket.

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In Wilmington, NC we have a small nonprofit rabbit rescue called New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue (NHCRR) of Wilmington which pulls unwanted domestic rabbits from surrounding animal shelters to prevent them for being used for inhumane purposes

This small but mighty rescue spays and neuters the rabbits and brings them to partner pet stores in Wilmington such as Petco, Pet Smart, and Pet Sense on weekends to find forever placement and educate the public on proper rabbit care.

However, despite the best efforts of this rescue; they remain full with a long waiting list for owner surrenders due one local pet store (Pet Supermarket) who stubbornly refuses to work with the rescue but instead chooses to sell baby rabbits from breeders (bunny mills) and sale intact rabbits which greatly contributes to the overpopulation and surge of homeless rabbits in our area. In fact, this one store is responsible for the majority of owner surrenders to this rescue.

Not only is selling rabbits from breeders (bunny mills) bad business practices but it actually keeps bunny mills operating which in turn overruns local shelters and rescues with unwanted animals. In addition, employees do not screen potential adopters or provide the new owners with proper care and information. In many instances, they do not properly sex rabbits and very irresponsibly adopt them in pairs which results in more unwanted litters.

To make matters worse, the staff is not at all experienced in recognizing sick animals and many customers have complained to NHCRR that they have purchased a sick rabbit from this store. It has also been alleged by X employees of this store that that they do not provide medical treatment for sick animals but instead pull them and place them in the back and wait for them to die without Veterinary Care.

It is in the best interest of rabbits that they not be sold at this location, Pet Supermarket in Wilmington, any longer. It is time to put an end to this practice of buying from breeders and keeping bunny mills in business. This store can work with a local reputable rescue which in turn will create sales on hard items such as rabbit toys, play pens, and other supplies for rabbits. It is a win-win for both the store and the rescues to partner moving forward.

We will even offer a solution to the problem if this store wants to keep rabbits there. New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue would be more than happy to place a proper rabbit habitat (at the expense of the rescue) in their store to showcase one homeless rabbit at a time. They would also take over the screening and educating potential adopters since rabbit care is after all our expertise. In addition, NHCRR will agree provide for the needs of the rabbit placed there until it is adopted (Veterinary Care, food, hay, water) and we can arrange a Volunteer to come by daily and check food/water until the rabbit is adopted.

New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue already partners with every other store in Wilmington except for Pet Supermarket, so it is time they get on board moving forward to help place unwanted homeless animals instead of selling animals from breeders.

If you live in the Wilmington area and you would like to volunteer to help New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue please email them at To donate you can contribute a tax deductible donation to PO BOX 10755 Wilmington NC 28404

Please sign our petition here and feel free to voice your constructive criticism directly by contacting....


President / CEO

Thomas McNeely

PetSupermarket Inc. merged with PetValu Inc.

Pet Supermarket Corporate Head Quarters:


1-800-361-0049 (Option 3) 

1-866-434-1990 (8am - 4pm EST)

Fax: 1-954-351-0897


Write a formal complaint to:

Pet Supermarket Corporate Head Quarters

1100 International Parkway

Sunrise; Flordia 33323 USA


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Pet Supermarket

3908 Oleander Drive Wilmington NC 

Store Manger "Colton"  910-799-1990

Not sure what to say when you call...?

Here's a suggested script (from my Message):

Hello. Wanting to alert you that the social media word is starting to spread in Wilmington NC that, unlike PetCo, PetSense & PetSmart, the Pet Supermarket allows the sale of rabbits from BREEDERS. Antiquated practice! Sell/adopt rabbits, if you will, but only from the rabbit rescue in our city that is virtually overwhelmed by owner surrenders of rabbits that originate from sales from Pet Supermarket at 3908 Oleander Dr in Wilmington, NC. Here is the New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington, and this is how word is starting to spread:



Please copy and paste this directly to one or both email links above since this Corporation does not advertise their email and we do not have a direct email for a representive at this time.

You can also opt to mail your complaint letter directly to Head Quarters at address listed above to ensure they hear your voice.

Thank you,

New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue 


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