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Regulate the care of your live animals

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             Have you ever been to a pet store and strolled through the live animal section? Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Iguanas, Ball Pythons, Turtles, Parrots, Hamsters and many other species are bought every day. Many of these animals will die or be sent to rescues, and many more will be neglected due to uneducated caretakers.

             Pet stores often have unsuitable environments for their reptiles and pack them into enclosures hoping for quick sales. Each species has different lighting, heating, diet and socialization needs. Neglect of these needs often leads to disease and death. Reptiles bought from pet stores are often too young to be sold and many can carry parasites or already show symptoms of a very serious, and all to common disease, Metabolic Bone Disease. With this lack of care in the pet store, in addition to the vast lack of knowledge by the employees caring for and selling them, the situation has gotten out of hand. This neglect and abuse can not be ignored any longer.

              We demand that all pet stores take responsibility for their animals. They need to give each species the habitat it needs to thrive, and make sure their employees take responsibility for the information they give. If you have a few minutes do a little research on just one species, whether it's Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Corn-snakes or hermit crabs. Then go to your local pet stores and see this neglect first hand. It's often hidden behind fancy decorations or colorful substrate, but one doesn't need to look hard to see the sickly or dying animals that are far to common in the pet stores many of us depend on.


The Current State of Pet Shop Laws --The current laws in the United states are vague and cover only a few of the species sold in pet stores.

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