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Stop selling choke and prong collars

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It is a proven fact that these collars are hazardous to dogs and should be considered animal cruelty. The use of these collars is cruel and inhumane. Many people who use them claim they are training tools and used only to correct behavior. But there are so mnay other humane types of training methods available that are much more effective. Sign this petition to support pet stores to take a more active stand and refuse to sell these types of collars. Pet stores need to be more socially responsible and support animal health and humane treatment.
These types of collars can apply pressure to the neck, back, trachea, and esophogus, which can lead to damage or problems in that area. Constant pressure are applied to the neck part(if used) which can lead to blindness or eye problems with seeing because part of a dog's optical nerves travel through it. These can also increase a dog's aggresion and anxiety. Therefore, these types of collars can lead to both health and behavior of a dog. If we limit the amount of choke and/or prong collars sold in pet stores, then the use of theses will decrease do to accessiblilty.

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