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Pet’s pet-ition for a celebration day – we deserve it!

We, the pets of South Africa, give everything we are to you, our human guardians. We love you and we don’t really expect anything in return other than food and shelter.

You look to us for protection and guidance. Your children pull on our ears and bounce on our backs. Your elderly and alone rely on us for companionship and love. Our love is unconditional.

We know that you love us too. The problem is that in this very busy world we’re starting to feel abandoned. You humans have become so busy, running around from one thing to another that there is little time left over for us. So, we’ve decided that we, your loving pets, want a day dedicated to us.

We want a day where the attention of our human guardians will just be on us. Petsday, the first Saturday of October, will be a day for us to celebrate the special relationship we have with each other.

No matter what type of pet we are, furry or slimy, cute or scary, we affect your lives in a positive way. Isn't it time we have a day to celebrate the special relationship we have?

We think so!

Please help us by signing our pet-ition to the head of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities for the creation of Petsday.

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  • Commission for Promotion & Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious & Linguistic Communities
    Rev Dr Wesley Mabuza, CRL Commission Chairperson

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