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Ban The Declawing of Cats in Utah Cities

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This Is A Movement To Make The Declawing Of Cats Illegal In Utah.

Declawing is a common practice for the owners of cats and many veterinary practitioners. It's intended to reduce the damage a cat can do with its claws. While this may seem ideal, it does significantly more harm than good.

When you declaw a cat, you not only remove the nail but the end of the bone in their fingers. This causes a host of Issues, many of them with permanent and catastrophic consequence. This includes Arthritis, Severe infection, Blood poisoning, and Lameness. But the list goes on. (We seriously recommend watching the movie "The Paw Project". It gives an in-depth look at the problem.)

By outlawing this practice we can greatly increase the quality of life for cats. There are many other ways of controlling your cat's behavior, most of which don't include permanent and damaging procedures.Things like trimming nails regularly, providing scratching posts, nail covers (which are actually kinda cool). Stuff like this. Real solutions to a real concern. 

This is for concerned citizens, caring owners of pets, practitioners of veterinary medicine, and anyone else who cares. PLEASE help us end the commercial maiming of our beloved pets. 

Thank you, so much. 

Huge shout out to Sophie, Rachel, and Michelle, the back bone of this project.

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