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This sweet kitty is skin and bones, living in a cage at Pet Kingdom in Ft Myers, FL, for at least 3 years, with no bed and no prospect of going to a loving home. Pet Kingdom will not let him be released or sold because they want to repeatedly use him for breeding. So he has only a life in this cold empty cage. This is cruel and inhumane. We want him to be released to a loving home and a person with experience with the Sphynx breed, who can care for him and bring him back to health.

We hope you might express your thoughts on their yelp page as well:


The Sphynx Cat Community

Letter to
Pet Kingdom, Ft. Meyers, FL Jeff Hornsby and Jackie Hornsby
We are very concerned about the well-being of the male sphynx cat that has been living in a cage at your Pet Kingdom for about three years now. His situation is unhealthy and inhumane. We have informed many people about the condition this sphynx cat is in at your store, and in the course of just 3 days, we have gathered over 700 signatures demanding his release to a healthy home.

We are currently pursuing legal action through animal rights organizations. However, because what is most important to us is this kitty's health, we are prepared to purchase him from you today if you will release him to us immediately. Financially speaking, releasing him to us would be the wisest choice you could make. If you do not release him to us, or if he goes missing, you can expect a very determined PR campaign against your store, as well as daily physical protests outside your shop. If you have not experienced the passion of sphynx cat lovers before, let me assure you, we will be loud, and we will not give up.


700 sphynx defenders and counting

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