Keep the Woodbury Vet House Call Van in HRM

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Save the Woodbury house call van!

I’ve just learned that Woodbury Veterinary Hospital is closing it’s doors after 38 years serving not only the pets, but the families behind the pets, on the Halifax peninsula. But the business closing is not what this petition is about.

Woodbury Veterinary Hospital operates a house call van that sees pets at home in their comfortable environment. Animals who have a fear of vet hospitals or travelling. It also benefits owners who are unable to bring their animals to the hospital, such as elderly or physically challenged owners, and PetFocus is discontinuing this service in Halifax. 

This van has seen and cared for countless animals, not just patients of Woodbury, but also of other vet hospitals in the HRM who don’t provide this amazing service. They are able to do exams, take blood, and even perform euthanasias at home. This is particularly important because when an animal’s time has come and they can be surrounded by their families and toys in the home where they’ve spent their entire life while they pass, the value of this service can not possibly be measured. 

Please sign this petition to have the house call van kept in the HRM and moved to another Pet Focus hospital. I’ve heard that the majority of the staff will be transferred to Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital, and the staff know the importance of this invaluable service and would love to keep it running. 

To see all the things this house call van can do, check out Woodbury vets actual website.