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The health and well being of the puppies and dogs is not the priority. The dogs are confined to cages. I have seen dogs that have developed habits of running in circles because they are confined to small cages for long periods of time. I have seen other dogs that had health issues; some health issues continued for the lifetime of the dog despite spending thousands of dollars in vet bills, surgeries, medications, etc. Some dogs have had behavioral problems like aggression and lack of socialization issues.

Dogs should not be living in glass cages at the mall. Dogs should be exercised several times daily, by walking or running freely, they should be socialized with other dogs; not isolated. They need time to play and be dogs; and not on display behind glass. This is NOT fair treatment of the dogs and puppies. 

I have boycotted this store already. It sickens me to see the advertising on bill boards, in magazines or newspapers; even online. I want Pet Express to STOP SELLING DOGS; PERIOD.


  **A MUST READ article (link below) : "Where *NOT* To Buy a Dog: The Pet Store Connection to the Business of Puppy Mills", contributor: Allen St. John


So...Why would anyone buy a puppy or dog from a pet store in a mall? Puppy Mills breed for money and profit. They do not care for the dogs health and well being. These puppy mills "force breed" the dogs to produce puppies. These puppies and dogs live in deplorable and unsanitary conditions including dog feces and urine on floors. The feces may or may not contain parasites that can spread to other dogs and puppies. Diseases can spread like wildfire in such cramped and unsanitary conditions; even sharing and drinking out of the same water bowl causes problems. Dogs and puppies are at high risk to develop respiratory problems, worm infestation, flea and tick related skin conditions, and these are just a few of the problems that can be found in a puppy mill.  

Pet stores are in business for their own profit and they do not care about the dogs. The dogs are born and raised under these poor conditions, shipped, then displayed in glass cages and sold in Pet Express to unknowing consumers. THESE PET STORES ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY AND PROFIT; PERIOD. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF THE DOGS. 


Please sign the petition to get Pet Express to STOP SELLING DOGS; NOW!! Lets send the message that dogs should not be sold in the mall as if they were selling shoes. 

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