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Please stop selling animals


Pet City is a chain of 3 Southern California pet stores with locations in Whittier, Stanton, and Garden Grove. They have been in business since 1975, and for about as long, citizens have been concerned for their neglected animals kept in cramped and unsanitary conditions.

Since its inception, Pet City has also been a supporter of some of the worst puppy mills in the country. Although they have told the Boycott Pet City campaign that they would cut their ties with puppy mills and only feature puppies from the local shelter, a worker at the Stanton store recently admitted to a customer that the puppies come from the same breeders they have always used. Not only does Pet City contribute to animal cruelty and overpopulation - they have now resorted to false advertising and consumer fraud as well.

Previously, they claimed that they only sold puppies from small, family breeders, but simple research revealed the exact facilities each puppy came from. One breeder Pet City used often is Brandi Cheney, who has been sued by families who purchased her sick puppies. She has over 120 adult dogs on her property, and over 500 pages of USDA animal welfare complaints against her, including: dogs with oozing and encrusted eyes, shivering animals in 0-35 degree temperatures without bedding or weather protection, enclosures so covered in feces that dogs could not avoid walking in it, and dogs so badly matted with feces encrusted hair that it was difficult to determine what gender or breed they were.

Once inside Pet City stores, the animals don't have it much better. They are kept in small, glass enclosures with feces and urine soaked bedding. To maximize profits, too many animals are kept in each cage, leaving them without enough space to move around comfortably or play. Because there are so many animals and so few workers, they receive little to no human interaction or love during the entire time they are in the store - sometimes for over 1 year.

Remember that puppies are not the only animals affected by the deplorable conditions inside Pet City stores. Bunnies, guinea pigs, rodents, birds, fish and reptiles are also subjected to the store's neglect and improper care, and do not belong there.

Please sign this petition to ask Pet City to stop selling animals of ANY kind, and pledge that you will not shop there until they do!

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