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Hermit Crabs should not be put in painted shells. It is unnatural and unhealthy for them.

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In the past fifteen years Land Hermit Crabs have been sold in painted shells within Australia and the USA. It is unnatural and unhealthy for them. Land Hermit Crabs often eat the shell to modify it so that it fits them better. Often the paint colours the water they are supposed to drink or is worn off when they dig in the sand substrate in their crabitat. Some painted shells have paint that bubbles and flakes.

Hermit crabs are coaxed into shells painted to represent football teams plus cartoon and animated movie characters including Peppa Pig, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Cars, Sponge Bob, Nemo, Elmo, Ben 10 Simpsons, Angry Birds, Tinker Bell, Dora The Explorer and lots more.

Why do we need to trivialise a natural creature with colourful paint? There are so many naturally beautiful shells suitable for hermit crabs. We should not be painting them to make them into a toy. They are a living creature that deserves our respect and care. They can live up to 40 years of age in the wild and on average one year in captivity when their needs are not met. 

It is time to take a stand and let companies know that we do not approve the forcing of hermit crabs into painted shells and selling them for novelty factor. We want hermit crabs shells to be left natural and just as intended. That there should not be the novelty packaging for a live creature which needs specialised care in a tropical environment and should not be the throwaway pets that they have become. 

Say NO to painted shells! Put the needs of the hermit crabs first. They deserve your compassion and respect. They are NOT a toy!

If you are not convinced that hermit crabs should not be in painted shells, please view the video links below:

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