Postpone offline ESA scheduled from December 14th & provide time to prepare for the exams.

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Respected authorities,

Keeping in mind the amount of time left for ESA(End Sem Exams) we request you to postpone the dates and there is merely not even 15 days left after completion of ISA 2 to prepare for the exams.

The majority of the students haven't attended the ISA(s) due to the fear of rising Covid crisis and multiple other reasons.

That means the weightage of ESA is automatically increased and will be tough for everyone to score a good grade.

If provided more time and revision the students will be immensely benefitted and will attend the ESA confidently.

Most of the college's like Jain University, Christ University, RV College,... Have evidently conducted online internals and are planning for online final exams too.

We the students of PES University have not been given any option of online exams and it is already been stressful for us, we are just requesting for a little more time to prepare for the offline ESA since we do not want to let low our performance as it will affect the overall SGPA of every individual and request the authorities and the university to consider every person signing this petition and change the dates of ESA.

This is not matter of just a single semester but a matter of whole course, so do understand and hoping we will be heard.

Awaiting for your positive response~Thank you.