Save the critically endangered Titicaca water frog from hunting for food and pollution.

Save the critically endangered Titicaca water frog from hunting for food and pollution.

1 dicembre 2019
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Lanciata da Friend of the Earth

Friend of the Earth program needs your signature to request the Peruvian government and major Peruvian companies to take action and protect the Titicaca Water Frog from extinction. 

According to the IUCN, the Titicaca Water Frog is listed as Critically Endangered because of an observed serious population decline, estimated to be more than 80% over the last three generations, due to over-exploitation, habitat degradation and predation.

This species is endemic to Lake Titicaca of Peru (Departamento Puno) and Bolivia (Departamento La Paz) at an elevation of 3,810m asl.

It was previously common, but it has experienced massive declines, and it is now seriously threatened.

It is a wholly aquatic species, with reproduction taking place in shallow waters close to the Lake's shoreline.

Major threats include over-harvesting of adults, the presumed predation of larvae by introduced trout, water extraction from the Lake, and domestic and agricultural water pollution. There has been a severe loss of suitable aquatic habitat where reproduction takes place. Although not yet recorded, chytridiomycosis remains a potential future threat.

This species is also captured for food and medicinal products. All specimens that can be captured are taken.

It is present in the Lake Titicaca Reserve, but measures are needed to maintain suitable aquatic habitat for breeding and to mitigate the impacts of other threats. Captive-breeding programmes around Lake Titicaca are generally considered to have been unsuccessful to date. In Peru, National legislation to treat as "Situación Indeterminada" (Decreto Supremo N° 013-99-AG, May-19.1999) is needed."

Help Friend of the Earth to lead the Peruvian governments to protect critically endangered Titicaca Water Frog from extinction. We will keep you posted here as things develop.

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Firme: 11.077Prossimo obiettivo: 15.000
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