Stop Perth Hindu Temple from Supporting Cow-Cruelty

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The majority of cows in Australia are kept at a never-ending cycle of pregnancy and lactation in order to produce milk that go towards the Hindu rituals at Perth Hindu Temple.

Cows give birth once a year and they lactate for about 10 months of the year. In the dairy farms of Perth Hindu Temple's suppliers, after a cow gives birth, her calf is forcibly removed from it's mother within hours.

This is to ensure that the new-born calf does not consume the milk that can be used for dairy production instead. This causes great suffering for both the cow and it's calf.

Most of these baby calves are then sent to the slaughterhouse at a few weeks old for veal production.

The cows themselves are killed when they are no longer able to produce milk as a result of their bodies wearing out from constantly being pregnant and lactating. Because of this practice, the average life span of a cow in Australia is only 6-7 years whereas the animal's natural life span is around 20-25 years.

According to the RSPCA, commercial milk production has led to some serious animal welfare problems in the dairy industry. These issues include:

- Painful procedures such as dehorning/disbudding and tail docking, which are performed without anaesthesia.
- The side effects of intensive production e.g. infections of the teat and udder (mastitis) and foot problems (e.g. laminitis) which can cause significant pain.
- The live export of pregnant dairy cows.

 Please sign this petition and urge the Perth Hindu Temple to stop supporting the commercial dairy industry and switch to a certified organic and bio-dynamic milk producer or a plant-based milk alternative for the temple needs.

The wholesale purchase of dairy from commercial dairy suppliers perpetuate the serious cruelty to cows; the very animal that the Perth Hindu Temple champions to worship and protect.

By signing this petition, you will send a strong message to the commercial dairy industry and rightfully align our people towards the fight for cow welfare in this country.

This is the Hindu and Australian thing to do.