Prosecute Crown Casino security guards Umit Gungor, Peter Ross, Pc Ball and Pc Kirstein

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This could happen to you. Security guards assumed they had the right to assault me. They didn't. They used excessive force which Police called reasonable. Police consider Security Guards as a quasi-police force. There have already been several deaths at the hands of Casino Security around the country. The security guards and Police lied, and despite clear CCTV police arrested me. Police used an unsigned statement other tampered evidence, including creating a fake charge of Civil Arrest to try to convict me.

The Magistrate threw it out of court and said Ross and Gungor illegally assaulted me, and there should be further investigations into those security guards. But Police refuse to act saying "that is just one man's opinion.That's outrageous.

The Western Australian Premier Mr Mark McGowan and the Minister for Police Ms Michelle Harvey wrote saying it is not in the public interest to arrest the pair for assault. 

The Parliamentary inspector to the Corruption and Crimes Commission commented on the “injustice first created by the Police in charging you”

Police claim the Casino Control Act, the Liquor Control Act and the Criminal Investigation Act protect the security guards. However, the WA Premier, referred to a senior solicitor from the WA Police Prosecuting Division noting “The senior solicitor’s review identified a confused and apparent lack of understanding by both police and the security officers of the legislative parameters surrounding the Casino Control Act, Liquor Control Act and the Criminal Investigation Act …”

The Parliamentary Inspector to the CCC said "I considered both statutes in the context of the incident involving you and Messrs Ross and Gungor. It appears to me that s 26 is not applicable in your case. In addition, I cannot see that any provision in the Criminal Investigation Act 2006 (WA) would be likely to provide Messrs Ross and Gungor with a defense to a charge of assaulting you.”

WAPOL officers Allan Ball and Casey Kirstein actively collaborated with security guards and conspired to arrest me despite knowing I was innocent. This is what WAPOL officers are prepared to do when they know the are being videoed.

There are over 500,000 views of this and related videos on Youtube. This is clearly in the public interest. There is much distrust of the relationship of the Police and Casinos. The lack of action by police fuels this distrust. The public trust the police to do their job competently and correctly. Not to prosecute Ross, Gungor, Ball and Kirstein is a betrayal of Public Trust.

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