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Fire and bring charges to adoption agent/volunteer coordinator Kay Farrell

An employee by the name of Kay Farrell, of the Person County, NC, pound sprayed a two-year-old male Shih-Tzu, sick and feverish with parvo, with cold water from a hose because he had bloody diarrhea on him and he stank. Then she left him there soaking wet and shaking in the puddle of cold water.
He was found by a rescuer who arrived after being called to pull a dog who was very sick and needed immediate veterinary care. The dog, now Known as Justice, was taken directly to a vet, where they were unable to measure his body temperature, because it had dropped below 92 degrees. The cold water hose had shocked the poor little guy’s already very fragile system.
Justice unfortunately has passed on and crossed Rainbow Bridge.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Michael Fuqua; Animal Control Officer / Animal Cruelty Investigator
    Person County pound, North Carolina
  • Animal Control Director
    Ronald Shaw
  • County Manager / Administration
    Heidi York

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