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Person: Ban the captivity of Orcas!

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I think this subject is extremely important to animal rights.

Would you let a company hold humpback whales in a cement tank and ask them to do tricks for 30+ yrs until they die? Which killer whales live around 100yrs in the wild compared to 30yrs in captivity. I think these numbers show how dangerous and torturous captivity is to Orcas. They are forced anti biotic and antidepressants to keep them alive and malleable.  Why do they do this with Orca's?  I believe they do this because they make multi billions of dollars off these poor miss treated animals. This isn't for science or research this is for money!

To capture this whales in the 60's, they hunted their pods (families) and forced them into coves.Then they proceded to kill many adults in collateral damage. Which they tried to hide, by cutting them open filling their stomachs with heavy rocks, and sinking the evidence at the bottom of the ocean. A Washington State Judge court ordered them to stop and leave Washington waters.  Instead of stopping, because it was so obvious what they were doing was wrong, even the courts told them so. They decide to leave to Iceland or Greenland to capture and sell Orca's for profit.

 Please watch documentary BLACKFISH for all the information and facts you need if you haven’t watch it already on CNN. One of the saddest thing I saw on the documentary was when Sea World; which is owned by Anheuser Bush the beer company who makes Budweiser and Bud light ect. ; was when they took one of the females  inseminate her. She had a healthy birth. Orcas are very family oriented. They have very large brains and are extremely intelligent and have strong feelings and emotions like us.  Their babies stay with them their whole life in the wild. Thats such an amazing bond, even more than humans; who's children leave the nest at 18yrs old.  Sea World decides that her calf is worth money so they stole the baby from the Mother and sold it. Im sure they have done this with multiple mothers. The mother was in such sorrow trying to find her baby she cried out in long range whale calls. Trying franticly to find her baby. To me this kidnapping.  Emoitionally distrating for mother and baby.

Sea World should be ashamed of themselves. They view these killer whales as property. Even tho they stole them from the wild for the intentions of profit. In conclusion, Orcas die 2/3 faster in captivity, they get sick and depressed. They lash out in anger and kill trainers, maybe because they are aggressive or maybe for revenge.  Sea World has blamed the death of the trainer, on the dead trainer errors, which is obviosly false.  They have over 100 incidentson recorded of aggressive behavior and many incidents undocumented; order by Sea World to cover up incidents. Sea World has lied under oath that Telly and the Orca are not aggressive, which is obviously a lie because FACT Trainers are died. And its not the animals fault it is our fault for capturing and forcing these animals into a Circus for profit.  Orcas are wonder wild animals that belong in their natural habitat. I have seen Anheuser bush profits drop, I am happy to say your efforts are working! Great Job everyone.

Please help me Boycott Anheuser Busch and Sea World and any other companies/corporations that have Orca's in captivity.

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