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Permanently Halt Primates-For-Research Farm In Puerto Rico


UPDATE 2/9/10: On 12/30/09 we reported that thousands of monkeys would be spared misery inside research labs due to a Superior Court judge's ruling to stop construction of a primate supply firm in Puerto Rico. In an abrupt about face, Puerto Rico's Appeals Court has decided to let construction proceed in Guayama while reviewing Bioculture's appeal.

So now, while the court considers -- Bioculture builds. According to Animal Legal Defense Fund: "The three-person panel of Appeals Court judges did not explain their decision, and they basically said that building may proceed until they order otherwise. We don't know when that will be..."

NOT GOOD NEWS FOR MONKEYS. Let officials know how disappointed you are in the Appeal Court's reverse decision and that citizens worldwide support PERMANENT termination of this and any future monkey-breeding compounds.

Letter to
Aide to the Governor Tere Nolla
Personal Executive Admin. Assist. Evelyn Cruz
Representative District 1 Pedro Pierluisi
I am extremely disappointed to learn that construction of a monkey-breeding compound has resumed in Guayama. I understand Puerto Rico's Appeals Court ruled in late January to let primate supplier Bioculture build -- despite a lower court's earlier decision to terminate this project.

Apparently, while the court considers Bioculture's appeal, the firm is free to proceed with plans that call for the seizure of long-tailed macaques from the wild. There is no indication when, or if, Bioculture will be held accountable for legal irregularities with its applications and permits that had stopped construction in the first place.

I ask Puerto Rico's leadership to take a stand against Bioculture or any firm that pointlessly breeds animal suffering. In-vitro cell technology, 3D cellular systems, computer automation and other innovations will soon render animal research obsolete. Why not look forward, rather than into the past?

It does not serve human health to facilitate old-fashioned animal research. Primate experiments have failed to yield tangible data for AIDS, Alzheimer's, stroke, cancer, and other diseases. Companies such as Bioculture persevere for profit, not medical progress.

If completed, monkeys inside the Guayama facility will be separated from mothers and sold into a barren world of concrete and metal. In labs, they'll endure implanted brain electrodes, repeat surgeries, poisoning, and more.

Please consider strong public opposition to the breeding of monkeys for experimentation. Given the initial findings of Guayama's Superior Court, along with continuing negative publicity, I urge officials to support permanent cancellation of Bioculture's primate compound.

Thank you,

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