Free Menstrual Products in Middle School and High School Restrooms

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Free menstrual products in school can have a lasting effect on a young woman’s life. By having free menstrual products in school restrooms, girls will have a more comfortable and worry-free experience while having their periods during school.Instead of focusing on the possible consequences of not being prepared for their periods, young girls can focus on their education. Girls will not have to ask their neighbor for a tampon or pad in an emergency. Instead, young girls can feel assured that if they have an emergency, supplies will be at their ready.

Low-income families sometimes have a hard time purchasing period products because of the expensive cost of these needed products. A box of tampons can cost up to $10 or more, and can be even more pricey for better quality products. Pads can be anywhere between $7 and $15. Some low-income families have to wait for their next paycheck to buy menstrual supplies, and that may not match up with the girl’s cycle. With free menstrual products in schools, girls living in low-income families will not have to worry when their parents' next paycheck will come in. They can instead have easy access to supplies, and do not have to feel embarrassed about not having anything to catch their menstrual blood.

If we do not get this to happen in schools, girls will continue to feel uncomfortable and unprepared in situations when they need menstrual products. However, if we do get this to happen, girls will feel secure and safe in schools, and instead have the ability to focus on their learning rather than if they have an extra pad or tampon. Simply putting menstrual products in school can change a young girl’s life, and make her more confident knowing that she will be protected no matter what kind of emergencies happen. Please sign this petition and change girls’ lives!


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