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Period Construction LLC and Edward Goerig: Do NOT cut 100+ year old American Sycamore tree at 2228 Oxford St.


UPDATE!  this tree was cut down!  Edward Goerig refused to come to the site or to discuss the demise of this HISTORIC tree.  Please also sign our new petition to the City of Houston and City Council for an Historic Tree Protection Ordinance:


Please help us to save the 100+ year old American Sycamore tree at 2228 Oxford St., Houston, TX 77008. It is in danger of being cut down!

This beautiful American Sycamore is listed on the Harris County Tree Registry on  page 39:

This beautiful tree measures more than 149 inches in circumference, four feet in diameter and is more than 106 feet high. It is a treasure to the Sunset Heights community. A certified arborist has examined the tree and has determined that it is in good health.

Last year Period Construction LLC purchased the lot where the tree stands. Unbeknownst to the community, it was scheduled to be felled Friday June 14, 2013. A concerned citizen delayed its destruction.

Let’s show Period Construction LLC and its owner Edward Goerig how much the community loves this tree. We can’t just replace a beauty like this!

Help us make Edward Goerig a HERO in our community by preserving this tree!

Let’s be like the LORAX and “speak for the trees”!

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  • Period Construction LLC and Edward Goerig

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