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PepsiCo: Stop using BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil; a flame retardant) in Mountain Dew.

I love Mountain Dew, as do my teenage kids but I no longer drink it or have it in my home. Mountain Dew is a huge seller in the soft drink market, especially with the younger generation. I doubt the long term effects of regularly consuming drinks with BVO are known.

If PepsiCo can take BVO out of Gatorade, why not Mountain Dew, too?

I'm just disappointed in the FDA for allowing this to be used in our food and in companies like PepsiCo for continuing to use it after knowing it's potential side effects.

BVO is a flame retardant chemical shown to have neurological and thyroid side effects (amongst others). It is banned in Europe, Japan and India for use as a food additive. It was recently discontinued by PepsiCo in some citrus Gatorade flavors (thanks to a petition on but PepsiCo says it has no plans to remove it from Mt. Dew.

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Letter to
Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo Indra Nooyi
President, PepsiCo Zein Abdalla
You tell us to 'Do The Dew' yet continue to add a flame retardant chemical to Mt. Dew. You recently decided to stop using BVO in Gatorade but continue to put it in Mt. Dew which is consumed by millions more people than Gatorade and is especially popular with the youth of this country.

Stop using BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil) in Mountain Dew!

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