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PepsiCo benefits from sales in the black and brown community yet it perpetuates racial sterotypes that are egregious and offensive.

Letter to
PepsiCo Greg Lyons - Vice President Marketing, Mountain Dew
In what has been called the "most racist commercial in history", Pepsico and Mountain Dew depict black males in the most demeaning manner insinuating they endorse violence against women. Is it the perpetuation of the ugly image of black and brown people who are already criminalized at such high rates the reason that many academicians no longer call us a "free nation." Is there some humor to be found in the fact that this nation incarcerates the most people out of any nation in the world?... FOR PROFIT!

The video ( depicts the black males in a lineup in the most racially offensive stereotypes as a goat, announcing in a black man's voice a warning to the white woman attempting to identify the attacker. The goat taunts the battered  woman and warns her not to "snitch".

How any company would want to brand its product with such venomous stereotypes is a case study for public relations. This is outrageous.

Sign this petition if you believe Pepsico should make a public apology and institute a training program to counteract racial stereotypying in advertising.

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