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Pepsi: Remove Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) from Mountain Dew

When I heard that Gatorade was removing BVO from its beverages I was really optimistic that Mountain Dew would do the same. After all, they're both owned by PepsiCo. The last I heard, though, there are no plans to remove this chemical, and I refuse to drink another Mountain Dew until they replace the BVO with something else that's not banned in so many parts of the world.

PepsiCo is being irresponsible by not showing they care about Mountain Dew customers' health. Dr. Oz did a great report on this chemical and how it's similar to flame retardants. I enjoy the taste of Mountain Dew, but I don't want to drink that and I won't until they do what's right.

Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) is banned in the European Union and Japan among many other places around the world and is believed to be a harmful additive by many. It is a member of the Bromide family which has been used in making products flame retardant! Google it. See if it's something you think PepsiCo should be putting in Mountain Dew. If they already know it's too controversial for Gatorade, why are they leaving it in Mountain Dew?

This is my first petition, and I truly hope to make a difference.  Please take a moment to share this with the people you know. Thank you for your support!

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You saw fit to remove Brominated Vegetable Oil from Gatorade but left this potentially harmful substance in Mountain Dew. A substance which belongs to the family of chemicals used to make items flame retardant does not belong in your beverages and this is why the European Union and Japan among others have banned the use of this substance in beverages.

Please remove Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) from Mountain Dew immediately so that we may continue to consume and enjoy this beverage without any potential risk to our health.