Save Peoria's Glen Haven Shopping Center

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Peoria is a town that loves it's local businesses. Whether it be the various small bookstores, local owned restaurants and bars, or unique gift shops - these businesses create a much needed sense of community in Peoria. The decision to replace the Glen Haven shopping center with a car wash is one that is met with much dissent from locals. Peoria doesn't need another car wash. The current pandemic has made staying open in such horrible economic conditions nearly impossible. But for those who have managed to make it to 2021, forcing relocation may be what drives the nail into the coffin. 

The Glen Haven shopping center holds several unique businesses that we do not have elsewhere in Peoria including Mediterranean Mart - the city's only middle eastern grocery store and Isle of Erin Irish Dance - one of only 2 Irish Dance Studios in Peoria that holds classes for children as young as 4 up to adults. Is another car wash what is really going to help our local economy?

During a meeting earlier this month, the zoning commission voted 4-2 to recommend the City Council approve land-use changes that would allow car wash construction. Wiesehan and commissioner George Ghareeb voted against it. Club Car Wash already has two locations in Peoria, at 3203 N. Sterling Ave. and at 10400 N. Centerway Drive. Another is planned at 5115 W. Holiday Drive. Most of the concerns regarding this rezoning is the increased traffic potential if a car wash is put at the location. What SHOULD be of more importance to council members is the livelihood of these businesses that are owned by members of our community. 

The plan to start moving these businesses may already be well underway, but nonetheless, if you support small business and disagree with the decisions of our council please sign this petition! It is important that the people making decisions for the city know what the city wants.