I'm against Rape

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It has been happening and it has no end. Yes, even if we start petitions, take our responsibilities and move forward to abolish the act so called as "RAPE", there will  be some people who are targeting and murdering woman. Only if they realise about their mother and Sisters they'll realise the pain in every act of doing that.

 Zainab Ansari from Pakistan was raped and murdered.She was just seven. What did that poor soul do? Cold-hearted people who are doing that must be hung to death. Yes that is their punishment, but will that create an impact on the victim? Will that act be reversed? It doesn't and it doesn't work out.

Im stretching this thing not only because of that  small kid but also for every girl who was brutally raped and murdered. We have to come up with something that no one must commit this act. Any other severe punishment without death must be given or a well organised security must be provided for every girls in this society. Because they are our Mothers, sisters. Government must take severe action or else it would be useless to realise later and feel for it. 

If you really have a heart, and think that my perspective is right, then let's unite and rise against "RAPE". If you are ready, please sign this petition.Thank you.