Fire the refs of the 2019 NFC and AFC Championship Games

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Hello everyone. In the 2019 NFC Championship Game, the Saints hosted the Rams. However, the refs completely blew 2 horrible calls, the first was a non call on Robey-Coleman for PI when he was covering Ted Ginn on 3rd down. Later in the game, another non-call. On 3rd down, Robey-Coleman nailed receiver Tommy Lee Lewis in the head when Robey-Coleman wasn’t even playing the ball on a crucial 3rd down. If the penalty was called, there’s a good chance the Saints go to the Super Bowl by milking the clock and kicking the game winning field goal. Alas, the non calls give the Rams a chance to tie the game. They do, game goes into OT, Brees throws an interception, and Rams kick the 57 yard field goal to win. The head referee of the game was Bill Vinovich. He and his crew blew tons of calls throughout the game that sent the Rams to the Super Bowl. People get fired for poor job performance every day. I believe Vinovich and his crew should be fired because of this disastrous officiating in one of the most important games in the NFL. If we get enough signatures, the NFL could possibly see this and consider to make changes. If not, Vinovich will be back in the NFL refereeing more games next season and in the future.

UPDATE: These refs in the AFC Championship game are equally as worse, missing calls for both teams. The Edelman muff was questionable. Roughing the passer on Brady was total BS. Clete Blakeman and his crew should also be fired. Unreal, to have the 2 worst officiating crews on the 2 most important games of the season so far. Chiefs and Patriots fans, feel free to sign this, refs right now are bad. Let's change that.