Educate and make recycling information clearer and change packaging labelling laws.

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It has come to light that we are in a climate crisis and although government officials and many people are acknowledging it is happening, I don’t see much being done to solve the issue.

I believe that if people actually had clearer information on how what they buy affects the environment and the world they live in, they would make better, more sustainable choices.

When shopping and likewise wasting or disposing, many people are detached from the problem they are helping cause. Many people are ignorant to what they are doing and it’s not their fault. Some people even think they are helping but yet, aren’t. For instance, take recycling plastics that have “the green dot” thinking it means the product is recyclable when it’s not.

Until I started looking into ways to live more sustainably, I didn’t know either. It’s not the people’s fault. It is the companies who have cut corners to make as much money as possible without thinking about the bigger picture and the long term effects on our world.

I believe it should become a legality to state the impact that a products’ derivatives have on our world. They shouldn’t just state that the tag telling you what the product is can be recycled...What about the product?

Many items have codes which you can look up but they aren’t easily understandable. More information should be readily and actively given to people to raise awareness so they can make a difference, properly. The On-Pack Recycling Label scheme is a great idea but “check locally” a lot of the time, ends with no clear answer.

Recycling rules should become streamlined where possible instead of every council having different rules. It makes it too difficult for people to understand and sometimes when people do seek to find more information on the rules in their area, it is a minefield.

It should be mandatory to recycle and recycling should be supported in schools and even nurseries to encourage young people to live consciously with their buying and waste.

Items should clearly state what they are made of and if it is or is not from a sustainable source. It should clearly state how long it will take to degrade or if it won’t at all.

Much like knowing the ingredients in food on our supermarket shelves and seeing everything in it, including the saturated fat content etc, we should have a similar system for our products.

A traffic light system would help enormously so that people with poor vision can easily identify if it’s harmful to the environment. 

People may stop and think twice about buying a “cheaper” item or an item at all if they actually knew what it meant for the future of their children or their children’s children...or maybe even just themselves in 30 years.

Climate change is real and we must make a change to make a difference. Production companies and marketing are where it all starts.

Please sign this petition to show your support to change the laws on packaging and labelling products so that we can all hold ourselves accountable for the damage we are doing to our world. Sign this to ask for better awareness on recycling in the media, schools and council websites. Say no to plastic and make a change.