Food For Animals And Beggars

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As you all know our government has declared lockdown so that if people don't go out, there is no chance for virus to spread...It's a good decision actually.

But in our country,there are nearly 1 million beggars and 30 million street animals, especially dogs. Before this virus has spread, atleast people use to feed animals and also there were many sources for food like hotels, public etc., for the beggars.Because of this lockdown no one is coming forward to feed animals or to help the needy, in fact they are very scared about the virus.

So we are requesting Government and trusts to make sure that the beggars are getting food until this virus ends.And also we are requesting public to help and to feed the roadside animals in your surroundings.

So let's unite and sign this petition so that we can protect our neighborhood and as well as animals.