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The inadmissibility of testing nuclear weapon before and at the 2018 Winter Olympics

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On behalf of all those people who love sports and are eager to live in peace and harmony, we appeal to the DPRK leadership to stop testing weapons of mass destruction in winter of 2017-2018 regarding to the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.
The contemporary Olympic Games history dates back to April 6, 1896. After 121 years, the Olympics remain the largest international sporting event, which is intended to unite all countries, despite the existing disagreements.
The history of the Olympic movement has only three cases when the Games did not take place because of the First and Second World Wars. Today, humanity is facing the threat of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang failure because of true possibility for the first ever US-North Korea nuclear war.
The sharp escalation on the Korean Peninsula has been caused by continuing nuclear and missile tests of Pyongyang, as well as unprecedented joint exercises by Washington and Seoul in the vicinity of the North Korean borders. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un both have boosted to the crises readiness to launch large-scale wars. Undoubtedly the Winter Olympic Games might be possible in such conditions.
We, athletes and fans of winter sports call on the DPRK to abandon the missile and nuclear tests. The US and South Korea have to stop any armed forces maneuvers before and at the Olympics. In case of non-fulfillment of our requirements, we demand the International Olympic Committee to shift the Olympic Games to a more stable country.
We appeal to all involved parties to hold the Olympic Games in an atmosphere of peace and stability. Let’s support the desire of the sports community to make the Games as safe as possible for sportsmen and fans.

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