Resignation of the entire Trump Administration, Republican Senators, and Representatives

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With the continuing disastrous response to The Covid-19 pandemic, beginning with the cover-up in the last week of February, 2020, and continuing until the present, it is time for the American people, the targets of their murderous, at least negligible homicide, cover-up of at least 50,000 Americans, to demand that all Republican federal and state officials, who have put their own financial, social, and political interests in front of the health and financial interests of the American people, resign their positions immediately and be banned from ever seeking public office for the next 40 years, at least.

These traitors to the United States deserve to be shamed and arrested and sentenced to long prison terms for the innumerable crimes against the American people and for crimes against humanity for their racist policies along the southern United States border and within the actual country. 

It is time for all true Americans to stand up to this criminal family and see them put in prison.