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Save Sierra Madre

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  • The Backbone of Luzon.

Stretching from Cagayan to Quezon, Sierra Madre Mountain Range is truly the longest mountain range in the Philippines. It covers 10 provinces and stands proudly at 6,069 feet. It contains the largest remaining tract of old-growth tropical rainforest in the Philippines which is about 1.4 million hectares of forest, representing 40% of the country’s forest cover.

The Sierra Madre forests are home to hundreds of wildlife species, many of which are unique to the Philippines, including the Philippine eagle and golden crowned flying fox. It is not only rich in species diversity and endemism, but also home, pharmacy and more importantly a sacred ground and cathedral to many indigenous people.

It is also one of the major drivers of the Philippine economy, as its watersheds provide services that support major infrastructure, including dams that irrigate thousands of hectares of farm lands in Central Luzon and the Cagayan Valley region, as well as water utilities and power plants that supply Manila, the capital and industrial center of the Philippines. It serves as a typhoon barrier, attenuating incoming typhoons from the Pacific Ocean before reaching the central mainland.

No wilderness, in the Philippines, equals the Sierra Madre, with its vast and rare swath that stretches from the mountains to the ocean. But the ecological interdependence of its terrestrial, coastal, and marine ecosystems hangs in a fragile balance and faces the risk of extinction.

The Sierra Madre mountain range forest habitat is threatened by human activities. Human activities like illegal logging, mining, conversion of forest for agriculture, and migration threatened the Sierra Madre mountain range. 

It continues to experience forest degradation despite the national and international campaign to preserve the environment. Logging remains the primary reason for this sad state of Sierra Madre. In addition, human encroachment and associated timber poaching, mining, conversion of forests for agriculture, and migration as well as development, particularly, road construction that will improve access and subsequent potential for exploitation of the area and proposed construction of more mega-dams also threaten its entire ecosystem and the lives of its stakeholders. By and large, corruption, poor implementation of environmental and forest protection laws, and lack of alternative livelihood for many poor people contribute to its continued degradation.

  • Human Activities:

1. Illegal logging - aerial photo showing a logging camp inside the Sierra Madre protected area. (

2. Minings - members of save Sierra Madre Network Alliance (SSMNA) raise concern about the extractive operation in the environment and public of gold mining activity. (


3. Infrastructure of dam - Locals renew campaign vs. Centennial 'mega-dam' to save Sierra Madre (

  • Solution:

1. Support the government campaigns to stop illegal logging.

2. Join a government program about tree planting.

3. Support any campaigns to stop forest conversion for agricultures and infrastructures.

4. Support the advocates in saving Sierra Madre.

5. Empower the local village and valley communities to maintain the natural environment of the mountains

6. Join your school and community's activity regarding saving and protecting Sierra Madre

7. Give donations.

8. Giving information/ information dissemination through giving leaflets and film viewing activity about the bad effects of illegal logging and deforestation.

 9. Conduct commercial campaigns of how to preserve the natural resources and beauty of Sierra Madre.

10. Support the tree planting activity of advocates who aims to save Sierra Madre.

11. Information dessimination through the help of DENR.

12. Conduct commercial campaign through radio and TV.

CREDITS to the owner of the picture. To SSMNA. To TrailAdventours. And to the websites cited. 

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