Allow the people of South Africa to enjoy exercise at all hours of the day.

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On 29 April 2020 the government of South Africa announced that during stage 4 of the national lockdown, citizens will only be allowed to leave their homes to walk, jog, or cycle between 06:00 and 9:00 in the morning.

Please sign this petition if you would like to contest the time slot for exercise during stage 4 of lockdown.

The complete lack of logic behind this regulation on walking, jogging, and cycling is appalling!


  • Should the goal not to be to reduce congestion?
    - Grocery stores are open all day in order to reduce congestion and discourage people from all going to the shops at the same time. 
    - So why is that same reasoning not applied to leaving your home for exercise?
  • Why is the government encouraging the entire population to leave their homes at the same time?  Surely logic says that if the time slot is longer (or doesn’t exist) LESS people would be out at the same time, so social distancing would be realistic to achieve due toe less people passing each other on the sidewalks, therefore reducing risk of spreading the virus.
    - (It’s impossible to keep a 1m distance when you pass someone on the sidewalk. Especially if you need to pass someone every 5 mins because the entire estate, neighbourhood, and country are out exercising in the streets together at the same time).


As we are transitioning into winter, there are 2 factors that make the 06:00-09:00 time slot an issue:

  • Daylight: at 06:00 it is still dark outside. It becomes light at 6:35 when the sun starts to rise, and actual warm sunlight can only be observed from 7:45 onwards.
  • Temperature: the coldest time of day is just before sunrise, with temperatures below 10*C at 06:00. 

It’s freezing outside during the time slot, so if CV-19 doesn’t kill you pneumonia and the weakening of your immune system from fighting the cold will! 


  • People need sunlight: Many people live in tiny living quarters that don’t have balconies, gardens, or outdoor areas. According to government we are supposed to be indoors, inside our private living quarters 24/7 unless we go for a walk at dawn before the sun comes out, or drive to get essentials/work. So these people who don’t have private outdoor areas at their homes are cooped up indoors without any sunlight all day everyday.
  • Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D which is essential for our bodies to keep healthy and for mental health as well. It has also been suggested by scientists that sunlight is encouraged to help fight CV-19, it builds the immune system to only name one benefit. If people can’t go out for a walk at reasonable hours of the day to absorb sunlight and breathe fresh air, is this rule not contradictory to the government’s “health reasons” they use as an excuse for their other ridiculous regulations?

What about individuals who work? Who would like to take a 30min walk during lunch time or in the afternoon when they get home?

What about kids who have e-learning in the morning, but NEED an outlet later such as a ride on their bike around the block?

What about the elderly who medically REQUIRE exercise to encourage blood circulation etc. It’s not safe or healthy to go out in the blistering cold and/or in the dark, especially as they already have weakened immune systems and the cold would probably make them catch pneumonia.  


I believe this is just another power move from government and a “fake” so called privilege they want us to believe we are given.

With that said, this is a petition against unreasonable time slots for exercise that make no sense and strip citizens of basic human rights. We ask that the regulation be revised and additional tIme slots be added, or that the time slot be cancelled completely, allowing citizens to exercise any time of the day between sunrise and sunset within i 5km radius of their homes.