Ayodhya Dispute: Give Peace a Chance

Ayodhya Dispute: Give Peace a Chance

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Citizens for Justice and Peace started this petition to People of India

Citizens for Justice and Peace and several prominent Indians, from different walks of life, have filed a petition in the Supreme Court to intervene in the Ayodhya dispute case. We believe that this is neither a property dispute, nor a Hindu vs Muslim issue but a matter that affects the very soul of India. A lot of blood has been shed over this matter. It is time to put an end to religion based politics over the issue. It is now time to heal the wounds of December 6, 1992. The case has been scheduled for hearing in the Supreme court from February 8, 2018. You too can join our campaign by signing our online petition below.

अयोध्या (अ - युद्धा) का मतलब है वह स्थान जिसे युद्ध से नहीं जीता जा सकता है। फिर भी विडम्बना है कि अयोध्या विवाद का नाम लेते ही ‘अलगाव’ और ‘रक्तपात’ का स्मरण होता है। अवध (अ-वध) का मतलब भी होता है कि वह धरती जहाँ कोई वध न हो। आज सभी भारतीय चाहते हैं कि यह अनमोल सांस्कृतिक शहर, समझदारी, संवाद और आपसी सहयोग का प्रतीक बने, न कि नफ़रत या टकराव का।

Ayodhya means a place that cannot be won with war (or conflict). Yet our Ayodhya has been rife with a perpetrated dispute that has meant nothing but ‘othering’ and bloodshed. Awadh, too means a land where there is no dispute. Today, all Indians would want this precious cultural space to become a symbol, not of hatred and conflict, but of understanding, dialogue and mutual co-operation.

Close to three dozen Indians from across the country and from various walks of life, representing the vast voiceless millions who have been held hostage to the politics of ‘othering’, have intervened in the Supreme Court of India, with support from Citizens for Justice and Peace, to pray that the Court restores to India and Ayodhya the precious Constitutional principles on which we were founded..

From Shyam Benegal, Aparna Sen, Om Thanvi, RB Sreekumar, Anand Patwardhan (Ram Ke Naam), Ganesh Devy, Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy, Anil Dharker, Ganesh Devy, Teesta Setalvad, Joy Sengupta, Cyrus Guzder, Ram Rahman, Sohail Hashmi, MK Raina , Dr. BT Lalitha Naik and John Dayal. Others include: Suman Mukhopadhyay, Kiran Nagarkar, Kumar Ketkar, Kalpana Kannabiran, KL Ashok, KP Sripala, AK Subbaiah, Suresh Bhatt Bakrabail, Prof G Haragopal, N. Babaiah, Tanaz Dara Mody, Muniza Khan, Tanveer Jafri and Dolphy D'souza.

Ayodhya for Peace and Harmony

It is time that responsible citizens intervene and make a powerful argument that the Court does not treat this as a property dispute. As even if it is it is a battle of unequals given that those who committed crimes in the past are now in positions of power, and the Court refer the matter to a Constitutional bench and treat it as an issue that has hit at the fundamentals of a secular democratic republic.

The Supreme under Article 142 has powers to ensure "doing complete justice" in any matter. Here we argue that Article 142 gives the SC to resolve a public dispute in any which way it chooses, even outside the purview of the two parties. And we propose to pray for the space where Babri Masjid once stood to be actually a neutral Constitutional space that signals a new harmonious beginning for India. And which says NO to the Politics of Violence.

No to Festering Hatred

The Babri Masjid dispute has been created by an onslaught on India's Constitutional space since (first the 1940s) and especially since 1983 when various organisations, acting in the name of politicised faith, made it into an all out campaign that resulted in the crime that was committed in full public view on December 6, 1992. Before and after that, targeted pogroms against India's largest minority, its Muslims, were launched and a reading of the Liberhans Committee report officially established the blood and gore that permeated India's public sphere, as the infamous Rath Yatra wound its way through India beginning with Somnath, Gujarat. Lives were lost, properties destroyed and worse, a public discourse of intense othering and hatred resulted.

Then came the High Court judgement of September 30, 2010 that stunned citizens further. It was a flawed verdict in every sense since a Court should never go into matters of faith. Now with a political dispensation commandeered by the very forces that were responsible for this campaign, ‘othering’, hate mongering and bloodletting in positions of Constitutional Governance, we believe that the voiceless Indian who has been kept out of the adjudication and held as hostile spectator in this perpetrated conflict needs to intervene.

Let India show the world that its precious legacy of mutual negotiation and cooperation is real and we are mature enough to move into the 21st century, drawing on each Indian's strength, not at war within.

For more information visit: https://cjp.org.in/peace-in-ayodhya/

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!