Traffic Problems Ka Ek Hi Solution, Obey Traffic Rules Nahi toh #MeraGhata

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‘Happy Hours' often have sad endings. The number of drunken driving cases in Delhi shot up by 52.8 per cent this year compared to 2017.

Boozy deals like the popular 'one-for-one' advertised by pubs and bars in Delhi to lure customers are largely to blame.

New Year’s celebrations are just weeks away. And the number of drunken driving cases are likely to go up.

It’s time all of us citizens of Delhi start treating rash and reckless driving as everyone’s problem: the driver, the passenger and the pedestrian.

So we all need to be a part of the solution: obeying traffic rules.

Sign my petition and take the pledge to respect traffic rules. If not, it’s everyone’s loss. #Mera Ghata

Most traffic offenders think that the decision to indulge in risky behaviour is entirely theirs because only they suffer the consequences. But this is not true. Everyone suffers.

According to official figures of the Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru traffic police, there were 10,406 accidents in Delhi between 2011 and 2016. For the same period, Mumbai and Bengaluru registered 2,956 and 4,383 fatal accidents. These are only the reported cases. The number of actual deaths could be much higher.

Sign this campaign and take the pledge to ensure no one becomes a victim of another’s recklessness. Let’s make our national capitals roads safer. Nahin toh it’s #MeraGhata