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People to be more educated about Agriculture and where their food comes from

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 Agriculture is one of the most important parts of a community. Without it we wouldn't have food, clothing, fibers etc. There are so many uneducated people in our world that don't understand it or know what it is. This tends to make people criticize or make assumptions that aren't true about Agriculture.

Primarily, people think that Agriculture is the main cause of global warming and greenhouse gases. Agriculture is actually one of the lowest producers of greenhouse emissions. Additionally, farmers actually work with the natural environmental to ensure nutrient rich soil and conserve resources need for food and plant production. Farmers and ranchers use animal manure as fertilizer and therefore is reusing something that could be a pollutant, but instead makes soil more rich and sustainable.  Many sources say that the pesticides and herbicides are water pollutants and affect the rise of global temperature. Did you know that without out pesticides to kill insects that can kill plants or spread diseases and herbicides that kill harmful weeds 20-40% of our crops would be killed. There is already a food shortage in the world, and farmers have advanced technology to produce as much food as possible with the little land available. only 3.1% of the entire Earth can be used for agricultural purposes. Finally, Beef and cattle production have been targeted as one of the United States’ biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. we have more efficient livestock, adapting to the 21st century and producing twice the product, but the global population is increasing at a drastic rate as well. Livestock have to be efficient and produce more product than before because there are more and more people to feed everyday. Since 1977, U.S. cattle ranchers raise 30% fewer cattle, but produce 31% more beef and for each pound of beef produced they use 33% less land and 12% less water.” (Beef Checkoff program). Therefore, agriculture is not a huge impact on greenhouse emissions, but actually is just advancing with the world population growth. 

Agriculture is also targeted for many other things. Many people believe that majority of farms and ranches are corporate. This is not true. 97% of all the farms in the U.S. are family owned and are under 150 acres. Not to mention, P.E.T.A and other humane groups say farmers don't care about their animals and treat them badly. They actually do care about their animals and use animal welfare. We have to care about our animal because they are what bring us profit and are our livelihood. If we treated them badly, than what would we have to sell or raise? Animals are treated live family because they pretty much are. Farming and Ranching is a 24/7 job, whether thats staying up with a newborn calf all night, or breaking ice in waters in negative degree weather. Without a doubt, farmers are some of the most educated people looking to make a difference. They continue to strive to feed and provide even if suburbans and urban people don't understand and come to conclusions. Farmers and ranchers are not rich and many struggle to make ends meet because of changes in the economy. Additionally, the uneducated people claim meats and foods in the grocery store are unhealthy and fake. This again proves people are uneducated. The USDA has many strict regulations on the food we eat. Whether you believe in organic or conventional, GMO free or are with the advancement of technology. Everyone needs to be educated! 

One solution I have is to make Agriculture Educations classes mandatory for graduation. This provides everyone with the opportunity to get educated and counts as a credit for graduation. This could make everyone more knowledgeable about where their food comes from and can have more respect for the farmers and ranchers that work hard to provide for the world. 

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