New Zealanders 'Voice-A-Vision' Campaign

New Zealanders 'Voice-A-Vision' Campaign

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Sandra Pringle started this petition to Warren Pringle. (Rata Professional Services)


At this time – New Zealand requires clear, decisive leadership, teamwork and innovative thinking to inspire confidence.  This will in turn be good for our businesses, people’s general health/well-being and productivity in these uncertain times while the New Zealand economy recovers from Covid-19. 

And, now is the critical time to invest and understand the importance of ‘doing well and doing good’ which is all part of building a legacy.

Therefore, this campaign is to gauge how New Zealanders are feeling about New Zealand at the moment – before and post Covid-19. 

This is your opportunity to state your thoughts and to become part of a ‘movement solution’ to drive positive change. 

Therefore, we are asking New Zealanders from their perspective:
•   What are some areas of concern which need to be tackled first?
•   What is completely missing and what are we doing well?  

Some points to consider are:
•   Diversity of culture, gender and social equity.
•   Economic resilience and inequality – which includes job security and productivity.

•   Health, well-being and company culture practices in New Zealand organisations.
•   Household costs vrs household incomes for day to day living – including the cost of putting a roof over your head – i.e.: paying for a mortgage or rent.
•   The quality, safety and cost of our food.  Along with the cost of power, petrol and insurance etc etc. 
•   The quality of our drinking water and condition of our lakes and rivers.
•   The quality of our education and health systems.
•   The quality of our environment.

Rata Professional Services feels it’s all about shifting mindsets and perspectives to make New Zealand a better place to live and work.  So – what are your thoughts New Zealanders?



This is a vehicle for New Zealanders to share their creative thoughts and vision on how they see New Zealand’s future – now and for future generations to come.

This is an opportunity to express your vision with ‘barrier free’ thinking.  Barrier free thinking allows potential actions and visions to be expressed openly.  Then once identified, they can then be evaluated for their effectiveness and feasibility at a later stage.

Other ways to look at this – is to:
•   Elevate positive visions.
•   Encourage thought provoking ideas to become our reality without ‘blinked vision’. 

Because ultimately New Zealanders, we matter and we deserve to be heard to have a say in what our future holds for us, our families and the communities we live and work in.  

And this is an avenue to express your thoughts and opinions and be part of a greater united ‘voice’.



The most popular submissions will be formally submitted and promoted to all political party leaders and deputy leaders and relevant Government agencies.  This will hopefully gain traction to create positive change for New Zealanders which is our overall goal.

We encourage participants to:
•   Share their name and email address with Rata, so that you can receive updates on this campaign.
•   Display your name and comment on this campaign so you are traceable and to gain recognition if your vision is successful.



Start Date: Thursday, 4 June 2020. 
Closing Date: Friday, 31 July 2020.



Target: Between 75,000 – 100,000 suggestions and comments.



We ask for everyone to treat each other with respect and accept we are likely to have different perspectives.

The comments will be monitored and if deemed ‘inappropriate’ – they will be removed from the site.  And the contributor will be blocked and censored.

Suggestions and comments should not exceed more than 75 words.


END – 2 June 2020.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!