Justice for 8 year old Asifa

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Asifa a 8 years old girl from Katua, Jammu and Kashmir was drugged,abused and gang raped for days.

When the satisfaction of the men(so called men) fulfilled they allegedly murdered her with a stone and dumped her on the streets.

Among the rapist two are policemen. Main accused is a pundit of a temple.Other accused are his nephew,friend of his nephew and his own son. She was abused for days in a TEMPLE.

Now at the time of justice a group of lawyers came forward to protect the RAPIST.
They chanted "Jai Shree Ram" against filing case against the accused.

Just want to ask, what was her mistake? Why some strict action is not taken against the accused? Why religion is used to protect them?

The Govt. should take Strict actions against them and ensure Women security.